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If the simple closure of farms, ban limit, it is not development, it is not development.If every township and every county thinks and ACTS in this way, what will be the consequences?The result is no smell, no pollution, but no meat to eat.This is not the goal we seek and cannot simply be turned off.
President Xi Jinping has said that accelerating the disposal and recycling of livestock and poultry waste has a bearing on the production and living environment of more than 600 million rural residents, the energy revolution in rural areas, and whether the soil and soil fertility can be continuously improved and non-point agricultural pollution can be properly treated, which is a great good for the country and the people in the long run.
Livestock manure is an important resource and a problem of utilization.The cultivation of soil fertility and the development of organic agriculture are inseparable from organic fertilizers. We should make full use of the production of organic fertilizers to return to the fields, and biogas power generation can be made from livestock and poultry manure as raw materials. All these completely conform to the requirements and development direction of green development.