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In agricultural NongCunBu office recently issued on the establishment of the ministry of agriculture of livestock and poultry breeding waste disposal and resource recovery of leading group notice, to coordinate, livestock and poultry breeding waste disposal and resource recovery work, on the major issues, the top design, strengthen policy coordination to promote the key work, organize and conduct supervision and inspection, etc.
▼ Ma Youxiang, director of the ministry of Agriculture for livestock and poultry pollution, said:
In recent years, livestock manure has been increasingly criticized, and in some places and some people, the thought of livestock husbandry is dirty, messy, and smelly.

Ministry of Agriculture animal Husbandry director Ma Youxiang ▲  

Ma Youxiang said: In fact, animal husbandry provides a strong guarantee for meat, eggs and milk supply for urban and rural residents, and makes a great contribution to farmers' income and employment.This is the fundamentals or the fundamentals of animal husbandry.