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In recent years, China's aquaculture industry has developed rapidly, with many large centralized breeding centers appearing all over the country. Although this is conducive to the agglomeration of the aquaculture industry, it also brings great pressure to the surrounding environment.

According to statistics, about 5.5 billion tons of livestock and poultry pollutants were produced annually in China in 2016, 4.6 times that of industrial organic pollutants. By 2020, this figure will increase to about 10 billion tons annually.
Aquaculture pollutants will not only produce sewage and feces and other types of garbage, but also a large number of phosphorus, nitrogen and other substances and pathogenic bacteria spread into the atmosphere, seriously harming environmental safety.

                        How to break the confusion of dung? Is organic fertilizer the answer?

In order to promote the green development of China's agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has launched five major actions, including the action of recycling livestock and poultry waste, and the action of replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers for fruits, vegetables and tea.We will strive to basically solve the problem of waste disposal and resource utilization in large-scale livestock and poultry farms by 2020.
In agricultural NongCunBu office recently issued on the establishment of the ministry of agriculture of livestock and poultry breeding waste disposal and resource recovery of leading group notice, to coordinate, livestock and poultry breeding waste disposal and resource recovery work, on the major issues, the top design, strengthen policy coordination to promote the key work, organize and conduct supervision and inspection, etc.
▼ Ma Youxiang, director of the ministry of Agriculture for livestock and poultry pollution, said:
In recent years, livestock manure has been increasingly criticized, and in some places and some people, the thought of livestock husbandry is dirty, messy, and smelly.

Ministry of Agriculture animal Husbandry director Ma Youxiang ▲  

Ma Youxiang said: In fact, animal husbandry provides a strong guarantee for meat, eggs and milk supply for urban and rural residents, and makes a great contribution to farmers' income and employment.This is the fundamentals or the fundamentals of animal husbandry.
Livestock manure is also an important raw material for clean energy. Livestock manure can be used as raw materials to make full use of organic manure for returning to fields and biogas power generation. All of these fully conform to the requirements and development direction of green development.
According to Ma, livestock manure is a by-product of large-scale breeding and is a developing problem. Without the development of animal husbandry in the past 30 years of reform and opening up, animal husbandry pollution basically does not exist.Everyone is originally scattered breeding, a family to raise a few pigs, are reasonable to return to the field.
But while scale farms produce scale benefits, they do produce a fair amount of manure.These are two sides of the same coin. This is number one.Second, with the development of agriculture and the use of chemical fertilizers on a large scale, what used to be organic manure has become a despised waste.
At the same time, with the development of specialized division of labor, the pig farming does not farm, the farm does not raise pigs, objectively blocked the breeding cycle, the combination of agriculture and animal husbandry channels.This is a developing problem, and a developing problem must be solved by means of development.
If the simple closure of farms, ban limit, it is not development, it is not development.If every township and every county thinks and ACTS in this way, what will be the consequences?The result is no smell, no pollution, but no meat to eat.This is not the goal we seek and cannot simply be turned off.
President Xi Jinping has said that accelerating the disposal and recycling of livestock and poultry waste has a bearing on the production and living environment of more than 600 million rural residents, the energy revolution in rural areas, and whether the soil and soil fertility can be continuously improved and non-point agricultural pollution can be properly treated, which is a great good for the country and the people in the long run.
Livestock manure is an important resource and a problem of utilization.The cultivation of soil fertility and the development of organic agriculture are inseparable from organic fertilizers. We should make full use of the production of organic fertilizers to return to the fields, and biogas power generation can be made from livestock and poultry manure as raw materials. All these completely conform to the requirements and development direction of green development.