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wheel type tractor compost turner for sale

wheel type tractor compost turner for sale

Capacity:300-400 m3/h
Turning width(for wheel):2000mm
Turning width(for crawler):1600mm
Turning height:600-800mm
Row to row distance:500-800mm
Required material particle:250mm
Power (diesel engine):36HP-water cooling-Electric starting
Max. Rotation speed(engine):2200 r/min
Rated speed per hour:2200 r/min
Working speed:7.5-8.0 m/min
Driving speed:50m/min(3 forwards gear;1 reverse gear)
Turning blades diameter:600mm

The advanced fermentation process adopts microbial aerobic fermentation. The self-propelled turner produced by our factory is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria has a space to fully exert its functions. If the pile is too high or uses bucket machinery, trough fermentation, etc., an anaerobic state will be formed in the pile, so that the function of the fermenting bacteria cannot be fully exerted, which affects the quality of the fertilizer and its production cycle.

It is more suitable for the action mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation materials, and can effectively mix viscous materials with microbial preparations and straw powder. Created a better aerobic environment for material fermentation. Under the loose material properties, the material deodorizes in 7-12 hours, heats up in one day, starts to dry in three days, and becomes fat in five to seven days. It is not only faster than deep tank fermentation, but also effectively prevents hydrogen sulfide during fermentation. The production of harmful and malodorous gases such as amine gas and antimony, which meets environmental protection requirements, can produce good bio-organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer turners are available in various sizes and are suitable for viscous materials such as materials, sludge, furfural, straw, grass, and mushroom cultivation. It can meet the needs of manufacturers of multi-layer organic fertilizers, mushroom cultivation and so on.

The machine adopts a four-wheeled walking design, which can be advanced, reversed, turned, and controlled by one person. During the driving, the whole vehicle rides on the long-shaped fertilizer base piled up beforehand, and the rotating base shaft mounted under the frame is used to turn over the fluffy material, fluffy and move the pile. After the car passes, the new strip is formed. Shaped piles. The machine can be used in open outdoor open space or in workshop sheds.
Ground-stacking fermentation is a relatively advanced and most economical model for the construction of soil and human resources. It is necessary to grow the piles of materials, stir and crush the materials by turning the machine, and carry out organic matter under aerobic conditions. Decomposition. It has the function of breaking, which greatly saves time and labor, so that the production efficiency and product quality of the organic fertilizer plant are significantly improved, and the cost is greatly reduced. Additional auxiliary facilities, such as automatic sprinklers, can also be added.

Specific requirements:
1. The ground of the airport must be flat and solid. There should be no concave and convex surface larger than 50mm in the working area. The length should be unlimited. The width should ensure the turning of the machine.
2. The accumulation of raw fertilizer to be mixed, the width shall not exceed 2000mm, the height shall not exceed 800mm, and the strips shall be stacked in a straight line.
Maintenance and maintenance of the turner
1. Class maintenance (work 10 hours) check, tighten the connecting bolts and nuts, and check if the oil drain plug is loose.
2. Check the bolts at each part, whether there is any defect in the split pin, replace the new one if necessary, and the split pin should not be replaced by it.
3. Check if the changing knife is missing and the fastening bolts are loose, and if necessary, fill and tighten.
4. Clean the attachments on the stacker.
5. After the working season of the mixer, replace the gear oil of the gearbox, check the bearings of each part, remove the new grease after cleaning, and install it. If the wear is serious, replace it.
6. Check if the machete is worn to varying degrees and replace it with a new one if necessary.
7. The turner does not work for a long time, and all exposed parts should be oiled and rustproof, and should be covered when placed outdoors.
After sales service
▲We will debug the detailed inspection again before delivery to ensure product quality. After the customer receives the device, please check whether the device is complete, damaged or missing. If you have questions, please refuse to accept the shipment.
▲Therefore, the equipment is more durable. If it is operated and maintained according to the program, the long-term use will generally not cause problems. In case of failures that the customer cannot solve, we will arrive in time when the traffic permits, solve the problem and restore it to you easily. The function of creating profits.